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This page provides glimpses into the history and literature of Greece by listing some interesting articles on the Literature, the History of Greece and the Study of the Greek Classics.
We hope these articles will promote the dissemination of learning and assist in the preservation of the Hellenic Culture and Heritage in our District. 

  Articles on HISTORY  

ARTICLE Description / Author
Juan de Fuca

Biography of Juan de Fuca (Ioannis Phokas), the Greek navigator from the island of Cephalonia who became the apocryphal explorer of America’s Northwest Coast.
By: Anthony Maroussis, PDG.

The Gifts of Greece

A truth universally acknowledged is that Western Civilization began in Greece.
By: Despoina Spanos Ikaris, Ph.D.

The Athenian Democracy

As the initiation of the Athenian society to Democracy celebrated its 2,500 year anniversary, it could be of special meaning to all of us to honor these great Athenian people, by celebrating this once in a millennium event in the spirit of another Hellenic ideal: the love for knowledge.
By: Prof. Manolis Andronikos. Translated & Edited by Anthony Maroussis, PDG.

The Olympic Flame

The Hellenic Light, the symbol of human existence, togetherness and the driver for human civilization and extraordinary achievement.
By: Anthony Maroussis, PDG.

Laskarina Bouboulina

Certainly, in the history of nations is a very rare fact of a woman to take arms, a very special woman, a wealthy woman, who on behalf of her country, offered as a sacrifice to the altar of freedom her ships, her money and her own sons. This woman was Laskarina Bouboulina, one of the most celebrated figures of the modern Greek history, whom the free nations of the world have saluted as the first woman admiral.
By: Philip Demertzis-Bouboulis, Manager, Bouboulina’s Museum, Spetses Island.

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  Modern and Classical LITERATURE  

ARTICLE Description / Author
Pericles Funeral Oration

Pericles, in the year 431 BCE during ceremonies honoring those who gave their lives during the first year of the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, delivered a Funeral Oration that is considered to be the cornerstone of democratic principles and thought that inspired the world ever since. 
By: Thucydides excerpt from his Histories.

Homeric Hymn to Earth

"To Earth The Mother Of All" is one of the thirty-three surviving Hymns ascribed to Homer, is the last considerable work of the early Greek epic poetry as a natural and popular literary form.
By: Homer.

The City and its Heritage

A historical account of what followed the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453 and the destruction of the Byzantine Empire.
By: Edwin Pears excerpt from his 1903 book on the fall of Constantinople.

The Flood

Alexandros Papadiamantis's (1851-1911) stories noted for their acute character portrayal, their careful observation and loving description of daily activities of life, Greek folk traditions and nature, unfold like wonderfully crafted short films for the eyes of the mind.
By: Translated by Anthony Maroussis, PDG.

About Peisistratos

Herodotus interesting and entertaining account on Peisistratos of Athens (ca. 607-528 BC), the Greek statesman who became the Tyrant of Athens following a (quite popular) coup and ruled in 561, 559-556 and 546-528 BC.
By: Excerpt from the History of Herodotus (484-425 B.C.), first book entitled "Clio".

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